Rosso D.O.C.

Its base is Sangiovese, a variety of grape which has its origins in Tuscany and comes from the Latin Sanguis Iovis.  The intense ruby red color characterizes this unmistakable wine. Its fermentation and aging in stainless steel at a controlled temperature brings out the essential aromas characteristic of Sangiovese.

Grape:  100% Sangiovese
Vineyard Exposure:  north-south
N. of Plants per Hectare:  4,500
Growing Method:  buttressed cord
Terrain:  alluvial soil base rich in silt and limestone
Yield per Hectare:  9,000kg
Color:  full and intense purple red
Aroma:  very delicate with hints of the perfume of the plants oh the Mediterranean scrub that surrounds the vineyard, blueberry, eucalyptus
Flavor:  fruity, dry, hot, harmonious and silky
Alcohol: minimum 12.5%/vol
Serving Temperature:  16-18C°
Accompaniments:  All types of meat, medium-aged cheese- served chilled it goes well with fish casseroles