Primitivo Briaco'

Origin unknown, Primitivo's introduction into Puglia is probably due to Phoenician colonization or from later Greek arrivals. However, it is certain that at the end of the 8th century, its was selected by the Primate Don Francesco Filippo Indellicati di Gioia del Colle who introduced and distributed the Primitivo variety among the existing locally cultivated vines.

Area of production: Salento – Puglia
Soil: Chalky-clay
Cultivation: Low tree-like vines
Grape:  100% Primitivo
Climate: Mild winters with very dry springs and summers
Harvest: Manual harvest when grapes are fully ripe
Wine making: Traditional soaking for 30 - 45 days followed by fermentation of the must at controlled temperature.
Aging: 1 year in American barrels and 1 year in bottles
Color: Ruby-red with burgundy flashes
Bouquet: Very typical and delicate
Alcoholic strength: 14.50%.
Recommended temperature: 18°C
Recommended service:  First decant and then serve in a large bowl-shaped glass
Storage time: Many years, if the wine is stored in appropriate cellars.