Costa dell'Argentario D.O.C.

Ansonica is a robust and prized grape which came to us from Greece. The long ago coming together of the Hellenic and Mediterranean cultures introduced it to the Italic people, who since then have appreciated and cultivated it. Because of the robust constitution of the plant and the organoleptic qualities of the grape, Ansonica can grow only in a few areas in Italy: you can find it in Sicily where it’s called Insolia, and along the Tyrrhenian coast. The wine made from these grapes earned DOC status in 1995. This unique wine, Ansonica, is the product of careful cultivation and scrupulous wine-making technique.

Grape: 100% Ansonica
Vineyard exposure: north-south
N. of plants per hectare: 4,800
Growing method: buttressed cord
Terrain: muddy silt limestone
Yield per hectare: 7,000 kg
Color: luminous delicate straw yellow
Aroma: intense hints of exotic fruit, acacia and aromatic herbs
Flavor: soft body, with full bodied fruity flashes
Alcohol: minimum 12.5%/Vol
Serving Temperature: 8-10°C
Accompaniments: great with shellfish and oysters, all fish dishes and vegetable soups