La Caliera Moscato d'Asti DOCG

La Caliera is the soul of the Borgo Maragliano enterprise together with Loazzolo Vendemmia Tardiva. The name La Caliera has been given as a tribute to a woman who lived in a house on the boundaries of the vineyards of our property for a long time. The remembrance of a generous and warm heart and a noble and quiet character are reflected in these old vineyards whose advanced vital cycle permits to obtain a grape harvest rich of "suggestions".

Grape: Moscato Bianco of Canelli 100%
Altitude: 360 meters above sea level South-West facing slope with a 32% incline.
Pruning System: Low Guyot
Average yield:  55 hl./hectare

After the harvest the Moscato grape, which is now ripe and sweet, undergoes a soft pressing in the air pneumatic press. The product obtained from this first phase of the wine making process (grape juice) is put into a refrigerated store at a temperature of O°C in order to reduce the fermentation activity. Subsequently every single stock will be filtered and put in autoclave; this special tank is able to retain the carbon dioxide and heat the product, which is now still completely sugary, at a temperature of 15°C. The purpose of this procedure is to favor the fermentation process which will reach 5% vol. of alcohol. The product is then cooled at a temperature of O°C in order to stop the fermentation process. After all these phases of the wine making process, the product can be finally called Moscato d'Asti. After the month of October we proceed with the bottling in the first days of November and after a short period of refining in the bottle, La Caliera is ready for the first tastings.

The peculiar and distinctive vine-producing characteristics linked to a very generous I land, give origin to a full-bodied, robust and velvety Moscato d'Asti with an intense aroma, a fragrance of candied fruit, acacia flowers and a typical musky and delicate bouquet. Its scent of "violet" is unique.

Serve it cool at a temperature of 10°-12°C with desserts, confectionery and nut cakes.

Effective alcoholic content 5% vol. 
Potential alcoholic content 8,5 vol.
Total alcoholic content 13,5% vol.