La Parrina cultivates 65 hectares of vineyards of both red and white grape varieties. The climate, characterized by sea winds, with hot summers and rainy autumns and spring weather trends, is ideal for perfect ripening and the conservation of the fruit until harvest time in early autumn. The traditional wine species for the red and Rosè wines is Sangiovese, for the white wines Trebbiano, Vermentino and Ansonica. The introduction of innovative wine species came from a passion for research into the potential of this marvelous small area and its unique characteristics, a source of wines of ever-increasing quality.

Recognition of the DOC Parrina Rosso and Bianco dates to 1971, but two changes in the certification rules, one in 1986 and the other in 1993, also recognized the Rosè and, later, the Rosso Riserva. At a later date the right to add cabernet and merlot to the grape blend of red wine, and Chardonnay and sauvignon to the white, was also recognized.

Tenuta La Parrina
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