Giuseppe Galliano Brut Traditional Method Millesime 

Grapes: Pinot Nero 80%, Chardonnay 20%

The Pinot Nero grape in the right combination with the Chardonnay grape gives origin to this sparkling wine with its own marked and distinct personality. The wines obtained from these two different vines form, in the month of March of the year which follows the vintage, the wine base which is then bottled. The wine base has been sugared and added yeasts before being bottled and it achieves the refermentation in the bottle.

At the end of this process which produces the characteristic perlage, we assist at the maturation on the yeasts which lasts about two years. After this period of time, the procedures of "remuage" and "degorgement" prepare the wine to be drunk.

The final product is ready to be consumed after two years and a half from the time the grape was harvested.

Fine and intense bubbles, persistent and lively foam with a well-blended straw yellow color; the aroma of this wine is complex with distant and vague remembrances of fruit, pleasant fragrances of yeast and bread crust.  Surprising gustatory effect, which ends pleasantly with a somewhat bitter sensation.

Excellent as aperitif and delicious as a sparkling end in any situation. It matches with delicate hors d'oeuvres, savory first courses and elegant second dishes.

Effective alcoholic content 13,0% vol. Total acidity 6 grll

This sparkling wine at 20CC it has 5,5 bar