Loazzolo - Late Harvest – DOC

Region: Piemonte
Category: Dessert Wine

In this vineyard the austere sun and the generous soil favor the presence of almonds, peaches and, on the surrounding stone walls, tufts of sage.

Grape: Moscato Bianco of Canelli 100%
Altitude: 450 meters above sea level South-West facing slope with a 30% incline
Pruning system: Low Guyot
Average yield in hectoliters: 21 per hectare


The harvest begins in the middle of October and lasts until the 8th of December when the bunches of grapes left in the vineyard and covered with Noble Botrytis mold have taken on a golden straw color and, when pressed, give off an intense fragrance of candied fruit. The wine-making process of this parsimonious harvest is followed by fermentation in small oak barrels with a capacity of 225 litres.

This fermentation, controlled with careful filtrations over the next three years, transforms a fair amount of the sugars obtained from the over-ageing of the grapes, into alcohol forming the Loazzolo, a sweet-non-sweet wine which expresses its taste into an open and sincere body, like the inhabitants of the town where it originates.


Intense, persistent and pronounced fragrance with hints of dried sage, confectionery, vanilla and honey. Sweet-non-sweet taste, ample, elegant and caressing body; velvety-textured, lively core.


Served at a temperature of 14° - 15°C in crystal tulip glasses, it may be tasted with goose liver, mature cheeses, dainty cakes and zabaione -liqueur flavored custard -. It may also be poured over strawberries, peaches and pears.


Effective alcoholic content 12% vol.

Sugar residue 130 gr/1

Total alcoholic content 19.5% vol.